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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and the pressure to find the perfect gift is on. To make your life easier, we put together the ultimate Christmas shopping guide - out of the ordinary gifts for everyone on your list! 

Gifts for Kids

Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Doodle world map pillowcase
Around the world learning adventure with so much to colour-in and discover! Filled with wonderful facts, wild animals and hand-drawn illustration, this world map has never made geography so appealing! Once the little “travellers” complete their world tour, you can pop the pillow in the washing machine and let them discover new places again.

Cloud Speech Bubble Light

Cloud speech  bubble light
This trendy Cloud Speech Bubble light is a great way of having fun whilst brightening up your home. You can write or draw your own messages directly onto the easy-clean LED surface, using a dry marker pen. The light comes in white colour.

Balloon Lamp

Balloon lamp
Quirky mood light, perfect for any room. The downside - you can’t chase the “floating” balloon. The light is activated by pressing the button in the knot. The balloon will then automatically start phasing through different colours. To hold on one colour, push the button again when at your favourite and the light will stay on that chosen colour. Press again to turn it off - it is easier than blowing the damn thing!
Baby Hand/Footprint Photo Frame Kit

Baby hand/footprint photo frame kit
This Baby Photo Frame Kit is a great keepsake. The soft clay enables you to make an imprint of baby's feet or hands, keeping the great memories of your child's early years. The wooden frame is stylish with lovely white and brown finish - a beautiful display for your baby's photo! 
Roses Tree Table Light

Rose tree table lamp
This attractive table lamp is finished with 32 pink roses that feel soft and delicate like real petals. The branches can be shaped and adjusted to create a beautiful rose bouquet. Add a wonderful atmosphere to any room.
Sophie La Girafe Hat Knitting Kit

Sophie La Girafe Hat Knitting Kit
Handmade gifts are truly special! Exclusively designed for the Sophie la Girafe range, this signature hat is cute and cosy. The hat is made using 100% superfine merino wool, making it soft and squishy! The hat can be knitted in three sizes  0 - 3 months / 3 - 12 months / 12 - 24 months.

Gifts for Her

Our Life Story Book

Our life story book
With so much to pack into your lives together, it's a great idea to keep track of your hopes, dreams and achievements. Think of this as a joint diary for your whole life. Certainly more romantic than a joint bank account!

Cross Stitch World Map

Cross stitch world map
Record a lifetime of cherished memories in each stitch with this world map keepsake. The map allows you to visually document your globetrotting adventures stitch-by-stitch on canvas. The 11-count canvas is mounted in a lovely wooden frame, and each kit includes 4 vibrant skeins of embroidery threads, 2 embroidery needles, and a handy font guide to get your needlepoint know-how.

Pom Slippers Knitting Kit

Pom slippers knitting kit
Snuggle your feet up in our soft and warm Pom Slippers. With this kit you will learn to cast on, knit stitch, cast off and of course make those great pom-poms! 

100 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

100 places you must visit before you die
Whether you are a backpacker, a travel lover or looking for new ideas of holiday destinations, this interactive, a handy advent calendar style poster is a compilation of 100 magic spots, where you will have unique experiences. Peel off the places you've been to reveal a colourful illustration inspired by it. The perfect gift for those with itchy feet or for planning your next adventure.

Natural Diffuser

Natural Diffuser
Stylish and modern, breath-taking fragrances that will compliment any space for up to 15 weeks. Infused with natural resins, flowers or woods within a plant based base that gives a full bodied strength to the fragrance allowing it to last longer. Natural, eco-friendly, low odour base - alcohol-free, highly scented - paraben free. 

One Line a Day

One line a day
This memory-keeper lets the user track the moments of their life day by day. The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, allowing you to revisit previous thoughts and memories over five years as they return to each page to record the current day's events. Durable and elegantly designed, this diary is sure to be treasured.

"Love You to Pieces" Puzzle

"Love you to pieces" puzzle

Gifts for Him

Fish Socks

Fish socks
Fun, soft cotton socks with fish print, presented beautifully in a smart gift box to look like a pair of fish. The socks have a scale pattern and eyes on the toes – quirky. 

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity
Nothing like the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is despicable and awkward. If you're easily offended, this is not the game for you! It’s disgusting and hilarious, full of expletives, wild scenarios, for horrible people, but great fun if you are one of them.

100 Things You Must Do Before You Die

100 things you must do before you die
Time flies and waits for no-one! Make sure that you grab life by the horns.
Compiled a bucket list of 100 items to do before you die onto a handy advent calendar style poster. From seeing the Northern Lights to spending a night in a tree house and going on a road trip with friends.

Bike Balls

Bike balls
Say goodbye to your boring bike light and bring some fun to your daily commute. Cycling in the city takes a pair of danglers to stay safe. So don’t be scared to flash your balls! Simply mount them on your bike and they will cheerfully swing from side to side, to alert the drivers of your presence.

Retro Light Up Peg Board

retro light up peg board
Add a touch of retro to your home interior.  This light up peg board makes a great standout feature in any room. With 200 different individually illuminating letters, numbers and symbols included, you’ll be able to make every memo glow. 

The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-it-AllThe Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-it-All
The scratch and sniff is found periodically throughout the book. While most whiskey tomes are about as fun as a chemistry lesson, Betts makes the learning slide down easy, reassuring us that this exalted spirit is just distilled beer and, through a nasal romp, helping us figure out which kinds we love best. Humorous illustrations and scratch-and-sniff scents (vanilla, sandalwood, grass, and more) help would-be connoisseurs learn their personal preferences. Language label and Map to Your Desires included.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

30 days fitness challenge
Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions with this 30 Days Fitness Challenge. Series of 30 exercises that will help keep you in great shape. Pull down the paper tab on the box for your daily activities such as: “run 25 mins”, “60 squats”. Entertaining and effective way to be consistent with your fitness.

Volkswagen™ Toaster– Red

Volkswagen™ Toaster– Red
This officially licensed Volkswagen™ Toaster will bring charm to any kitchen - modern and retro. It features adjustable heat settings, defrost, reheat, bagel and browning setting, perfect for all your toasting preferences.

"Black Like My Soul" Mug

"Black like my soul" mug
Contemporary, quality mug that does the talking for you

Christmas Stocking

Depressed Pencils

depressed pencils
A set of dark, emotional pencils – great gift for anyone with good sense of humour. Each pencil in this set is printed with a hand written funny line – “I'm Not As Sharp As I Used To Be”, “In Time I'll Be Pointless”, "You're Just Going To Write Me Off", "You Wear Me Down", "I Used To Be A Mighty Oak", "I'm Easily Broken".

50 Ways to Beat Hangover

50 ways to beat hangover
If you've ever overdone it on a night out, help is at hand! 50 Ways to Beat a Hangover is the perfect pocket guide to survive the morning after. A Godsend book that gives fifty different tips and tricks to prevent and treat a dreaded hangover.

What I Love About You Fill in the Love® Journal

What I Love About You Fill in the Love® Journal
Romantic and thoughtful gift for anyone you love! The book includes fill-in-the-blanks lines, which allows you to personalise it as you choose – make it heartfelt, loving or funny.

Urban Handcrafted Chocolate Bar

Urban Handcrafted Chocolate Bar

Urban, hand-decorated flavoured bars, made with the best ingredients - freshly ground Peruvian coffee beans, heavenly organic rose oil, exotic Sri Lankan cinnamon. Delicious, fresh, award winning chocolates are made in very small batches and each time they are taste-tested to be sure they are the best they can be!  
Eye-catching and scrumptious, our chocolates make the perfect gift to indulge!

Aqua Glitter Keyring

Aqua glitter keyring
Aqua keyring photo holder filled with one liquid colour and silver glitter. Add your picture to make it unique!

7 Chakras Healing Bracelet

7 chakras healing bracelet

Chakra bracelets have healing powers and they have been worn in India for centuries. The bracelets work by balancing the seven energies which are collectively referred to as chakras. Besides wearing a chakra bracelet for healing purposes, you can wear it purely for aesthetic reasons, it'll match just about any outfit.

30 Days Seduction Challenge

30 days seduction challenge
The love missions start here! Immerse yourself in the world of seduction, an exciting adventure to find the One or to surprise your loved one every day with something new. The 30 Days Seduction Challenge consists of one daily activity for 30 days to spice your life up. Love is in the air!

Oversized Keyring

Oversized keyring
Funky rainbow or eye shaped oversized keyring. Never lose sight of your keys

Blossom Roll-on Lip Gloss

Blossom Roll-on Lip Gloss
Fresh fragrant lip gloss that smells as great as it looks! A unique formula containing mineral oil for super-soft results. Each flavour is infused with natural dried flowers for a light floral scent. Rolls on clear for a subtle shine and comes in a variety of delicious flavours.

Seedball Edible Mix Tin

Seedball edible mix tin
No gardening expertise needed - just pop on top of soil, water and watch grow! Seed balls work well in both garden beds & balcony or window box planters.

Artisan Soy Wax Candle Tin

Artisan Soy Wax Candle Tin
Fill your home with the luxurious, well-being fragrance combinations. Handmade and poured. Soy wax - vegan friendly, paraben free, cotton-wick. 15-20 hours burning time, made in Great Britain.

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