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Face personalised cushion
Face cushion
Face personalised cushion
Face personalised cushion
Face cushion

Face Cushion


  • Your undeniably divine beauty on a pillow!
  • Creepy as hell, but cuddly and a good gag
  • Great burglar deterrent
  • You loved ones can never escape your loving¬†ūüėą
  • Made in UK

Who wouldn’t want a pillow with your face on it?! The cushions are perfect for immortalizing yourself, a friend, a stranger (if you're into that sort of thing), or even your pet, the options are endless. The pillows are creepy as hell, but a nice companion for lonely days and nights. Your loved one can never escape your loving and they can take your face wherever they go! Or, if you annoy them, they can use your face as a footrest…

The cushions are off the wall gift suitable for any occasion ‚Äď housewarming gift, a set of pillows for a wedding gift, Birthday, Anniversary or just for any other day you want to creep on the enemies.

All you have to do is upload a high quality picture and it will be transformed into a cosy, cuddly cushion.

PLEASE NOTE: The photo won't work if your face is pointed to the side or if the photo is out of focus. So just make sure your face is pointed straight, fairly close up, and it's in focus for best results. Due to the nature of the product and the personalisation needed, standard delivery might take up to seven days.

Measures approximately L30 x W20cm

The back of the cushion is cotton, each of which comes in variety of vibrant colour options. The filling is hypoallergenic, polyester fibre that is fire regulation compliant [BS5850].

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