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Hatching dino candle
Hatching dino candle

Hatching Dinosaur Candle


  • Bringing 200 million year old reptiles back to life 
  • Hatch your own baby Dino and be proud parents of a raptor
  • Burn down the candle slowly to reveal the Jurassic treasure inside  
  • Adorable keepsake - a porcelain velociraptor figure

This fossil is an egg shaped candle with something rather special inside…a baby Dino velociraptor  – sigh! As the wax slowly melts down, the Jurassic treasure inside incubates. This primitive, porcelain figure is a real keepsake, complete with detailed markings and parietal eyes.
With about twenty hours burn time, it's a labour you can enjoy.The flame from the candle will turn the baby velociraptor’s face black, but once cool, it wipes away easily with a damp cloth.

Measures approximately: Size of the egg H16 x D14 cm
Size of the dinosaur: H11 x D4 cm

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